Wild and Thorny (2012-2017)
Between 2012 and 2017, Roos van den Oetelaar and I formed an artistic duo called Wild & Thorny. We named ourselves after the two sisters Rose and Iris, who make “bawdy ballads and dirty ditties – good for grown ups and not for kiddies”. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Together, we made various visuals and video installations from our shared studio in an old theater building. Our friendship formed the heart of our explorations, while we invited our (girl)friends to be the protagonists of our dream worlds. Our work evolved around the creation of endless loops, of moving images that neither begin nor end, but just exist — even when you’re no longer looking at them.

This is a selection of our early work. For more recent work, see Pandora’s Dropbox and Sex? Yes Please!.

La Misère (2015)
Video installation for the “Take Cover” exhibition, in which we were asked to visually respond to a random album cover. We built a scene for a tragic majorette, stuck as a broken record in her own misery. 

Bunnies (Y) (2015)
Visuals for our own imaginary W&T club night. Produced in our studio — on our favourite pink leather couch (R.I.P.) — we explored the rabbit as the symbol of prolific sexual activity, and as an icon of virginity and innocence. 

Crocodiles (2013) 
A mosaic of visuals in the secret corners of an empty theatre. A memory of a warm summer day at the swimming pool — with ice-cream and lots of french fries. Shown during Art Night in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in our own studio, BYOB at the Museum of the Image in Breda, and amidst thousands of commuters at the central station in The Hague. 

Ship of Dreams (2013) 
Visuals for the GIF (Glow Interface Festival) exhibition/club night in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Jack and Rose 4ever in our hearts. 

In close proximity (2012) 
A series of filmic experiments, in which we challenged the idea of being close to each other, both physically and psychologically.